Sparkly and Clean Kitchen Kit
Sparkly and Clean Kitchen Kit

Sparkly and Clean Kitchen Kit

The Sparkly & Clean Kitchen Kit makes cleaning your kitchen with non-toxic products a safe and healthy way while preventin you from harmful chemicals.  Also, makes the PERFECT gift to share the love with the special people in your lives!

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Dishwasher Soap, Dishwasher Cleaner, Dishwasher Booster and Rinse Aid, Dish Soap, Eco Sponges, Dish Towel and refillable bottles.

Whats in it


Dishwasher Soap, 12.5 oz (25 loads)

Dishwasher Booster & Rinse Aid, Forever Bottle + 1 Refill 

Dish Soap Forever Bottle + 2 Refills

Dishwasher Cleaner, 1x use

100% Organic Cotton Dish Towel, 1 set

100% Organic & Compostable Luffa Eco-Sponge, 3-Pack




Dishwasher Soap: 

Sodium Citrate (mineral based water conditioner)Sodium Sulfate (inert drying agent)Sodium Carbonate (alkalizing salt)Sodium Percarbonate (technical grade oxygen booster)Acrylic Terpolymer (phospate free anti-spotting and anti-filming agent)Lauryl Alcohol (cleaning agent derived from coconuts)Sodium Carboxymethyl Inulin (chelating agent)TAED (Oxygen Activator)Naturally Occurring Enzymes (safely breaks down stains)and... LOTS OF LOVE!


Dishwasher Booster & Rinse Aid: 

Deionized WaterSodium Citrate (mineral based water conditioner)Potassium Hydroxide (pH regulator)Citric Acid (plant-based cleaning agent)TetraSodium Salt (hard water softener)Sodium Gluconate (eco-friendly water conditioner)Sodium Benzoate (from plants and lye)Alkyl Polyglucoside (sugar derived cleaning agent)Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine (coconut-based cleaner)Sodium Carbonate (alkalizing salt)Acrylic Acid Homopolymer (prevents streaks & oil re-deposition)and... LOTS OF LOVE!


Dish Soap: 

Deionized WaterSodium C14-C16 Olefin Sulfonate (coconut-derived cleaner)Cocamide MIPA (coconut-based cleaner)Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine (coconut-based cleaner)Glycerin (sugar derived moisturizer)Sodium Chloride (salt)Sweet Basil Extract (refreshing aromatherapy)Limonene (sourced from the peel of citrus fruits)Linalool (naturally derived terpene)Sodium Benzoate (food-grade stabilizer)and... LOTS OF LOVE!


Dishwasher Cleaner: 

Citric Acid (plant-based cleaning agent)Sodium Bicarbonate (mineral based alkalizing salt)Lemon Juice PowderSodium Acetate (mineral based cleaning agent)Sodium Citrate (mineral based water conditioner)Sodium Chloride (salt)and... LOTS OF LOVE!

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