Fresh Start Laundry Kit
Fresh Start Laundry Kit

Fresh Start Laundry Kit

  • Detox your laundry room, with a Fresh Start!
  • Effective non-toxic cleaning & stain remover
  • Laundry Wash jug included
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Get the freshest clothes, the brightest whites and tackle tough stains with this Fresh Start Laundry Kit. 



The Fresh Start Laundry Kit  makes a great gift for anyone looking to switch to non-toxic laundry products, such as expecting or new moms, college students, or anyone with skin sensitivities. 


Share the love while staying organized with Truly Free’s large laundry tote. 

Equip that special loved one with the essential tools they need to make the switch to healthier and more eco-friendly laundry practices.

Prefer unscented? 

If you prefer your laundry without scent, please email us at [email protected] to have your order switched to our unscented laundry wash 

Whats in it

The Fresh Start Laundry Kit is the ideal way to help friends and loved ones make a smooth switch to a non-toxic cleaning lifestyle. 


These Truly Free laundry products are tough on stains, gentle on fabrics, and easy on the pocket book (because you’re gifting it to them!).


Perfect for expecting or new moms, college students, new neighbors, or anyone with chemical sensitivities, Truly Free products deliver the brightest whites and the freshest clothes with zero toxic chemicals.


Spread the love with the Fresh Start Laundry Kit - and give the gift of a healthier and happier home.

Give the special person in your life a helping hand and let them experience a sense of relief when their laundry routine becomes worry-free!

What’s Included: 

  • Laundry Wash Jug
  • Signature Scent Laundry Wash Refill Packet (unscented is available)
  • Laundry Machine Cleaner- perfect to detox your laundry machine when switching brands
  • Enzyme Stain Remover- water activated-enzymes remove the toughest stains
  • Stain Stick- easily removes stubborn stains, perfect as a pre-treat 
  • Oxyboost- for the brightest brights and the whitest whites!  Perfect for use around the home too! 

Laundry Tote- Perfect for your laundry room, bedroom, college dorm rooms and bathroom. Aluminum handles with a soft foam grip. Size: 29"H x 17"W



Prefer unscented? 

If you prefer your laundry without scent, please email us at [email protected] to have your gift order switched to our Unscented Laundry Wash


Signature Scent Laundry Wash:
Sodium Citrate (mineral based water conditioner)TriSodium Salt (hard water softener)Sodium Carbonate (alkalizing salt)Sodium Polyacrylate (eco-friendly soil anti-redeposition agent)Signature Scent Blend of Essential Oils & Plant- Based Fragrance Oils (Including; Lavandin Grosso, Lime Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Fir Needle Oil, Clove Leaf Oil)
Alkyl Polyglucoside (non-ionic surfactant from sunflower)Sodium Cocoate (plant based surfactant)Cellosize (homogenizer) Precipitated Silica (to prevent clumping)Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (organic salt)and... LOTS OF LOVE!


Laundry Machine Cleaner:
Citric Acid (plant-based cleaning agent)Sodium Bicarbonate (mineral based alkalizing salt)Sodium Acetate (mineral based cleaning agent)Sodium Citrate (mineral based water conditioner)Sodium Chloride (salt)and... LOTS OF LOVE!

Enzyme Stain Remover:
Sodium Bicarbonate (mineral based alkalizing salt)Enzyme Blendand... LOTS OF LOVE!

Stain Stick:
Saponified Oils of Coconut & OliveWaterSodium Hydroxide (mineral based alkalizing salt)Oxalic Acid (mineral based acid cleaning agent)Terpene of Pine Oil (plant-derived cleaning agent)Lemon Oil (plant-derived cleaning agent)and... LOTS OF LOVE!

Sodium Percarbonate (technical grade oxygen booster)Sodium Carbonate (alkalizing salt)and... LOTS OF LOVE!

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