How Your Truly Free Membership Works

Over 6 years ago, Truly Free was the first company to revolutionize the cleaning industry with safe, non-toxic products delivered in refillable & sustainable packaging. Now we're doing it again with Free Soap for Life.

First shipments automatically include bottles, jugs, and cleaning
solutions, so you'll only need to auto-ship refills after that!

Build Your Box Build Your Box
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Step 1:
Build Your Box

Add your favorite items to your box.

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Step 2:
Set Your Frequency

Select 30 or 60 days for your shipping frequency.

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Step 3:
Save Your Bottle & Jugs

You'll receive starter item in your first box. Your future orders will only have refills.

Build Your Box

Your Membership Also Includes...

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Save Up To 40% Off Best Brands

How it Works:

We Find


You Need

You Save


On All Your


Just like you, inflation is squeezing from the gas pumps to the grocery store shelves. Our biggest cost in business right now is shipping… But rather than sending our profits to the postage companies, we are going to pass those directly to you when you put more of your favorite products into a box!

As long as you have an active subscription you are considered a member. This means you can get up to 2 Free products in every order, free shipping, up to 40% off, and a ton of other exclusive member benefits. how it work how it work

There are no membership fees, no commitments & no contracts. You can change anything in your order, delay your orders, change your shipping frequency, or leave the family - but you won’t want to because these benefits are SWEET!

Absolutely - we will send you an email reminder 4 days before your next order ships so that you can pick your FREE products, or make any changes with products, shipping dates, or anything else!

Each month we offer a selection of our most popular products that you can add to your order for FREE! Once you login to your account you will see which products are available that month while you are shopping, and which products you currently have in your box. If you don’t make any changes to your box between orders, you will receive the same free products with your next order.

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