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Your Truly Free Home Starts Here...

It All Started With One Home...

It all started with a sick kid. It was 13 years; my wife and I had our first son.

Our son was 3 weeks old when he broke out in the worst rash of his life. We sought out treatment from a dermatologist and a pediatrician who offered us a steroid as a treatment.

It was then that I made the most important phone call of my life, calling a family friend for advice. She asked...

“What laundry detergent are you using?”

We soon realized there was something hidden in our home that we had no idea would end up harming our newborn.

Yes… ingredients in our laundry detergent!

That led me to find the best quality ingredients in cleaning & laundry products that are not only safe for you and your family but are SUPER effective.

Since then, my team and I have been on a mission to empower families around the country to stop dressing and sleeping in toxic chemicals all day.

Our valuable customers wrote to us and felt the strong need to replace all of their harsh chemical cleaners with all-natural products.

That led us to create our plant-based, non-toxic Truly Free line of refillable cleaning products.

This has made us one of the fastest-growing Eco-Friendly companies today.


We’ve saved an estimated 13 and a half million toxic laundry loads from seeping into the environment this year alone. Over 3 million pieces of plastic from being dumped into our oceans, and we’ve freed over 300,000 homes from toxic chemicals.

And thanks to you, our Truly Free Family of customers, we’ve created a Refillable Revolution!

Yours Truly,


Stephen Ezell
CEO, TrulyFree

Our Mission

our missiion

Truly Free is on a Mission to FREE over 10,000,000 homes from harmful toxic chemicals and excess plastic waste.

We create innovative, powerful & family-safe products in refillable & reusable packaging which empower families to protect themselves from harm & reduce their environmental footprint.

We believe that giving back to the world we serve is a responsibility for any company and a necessity for making our planet a better place.

When you Truly Free your home from chemicals & plastic waste, you also support several projects that you can be proud of.

The next time you reach for one of our products, know that you have a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people around the world:

Join the Refillable Revolution today and make every room in your home, a Truly Free home!

Yours Truly,
Stephen Ezell, CEO & Founder

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With your help, we continue to make an impact!

We actively support multiple safe-houses and orphanages in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. We provide over 200 children with food, education, clothing, shelter and ultimately hope for a bright future.

CCCD - https://www.cccdjamaica.org

Meridian Lee - https://meridianlee.com/pages/mission

“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” P 4:13

Clean with Nature...


Get ready to unleash your inner superhero & conquer grime with Truly Free!

Thanks to our range of family-safe, eco-friendly products, you have the power to tackle messes big and small.

From muddy clothes and crayon-marked walls…

To red wine spills and sticky surfaces…

…Truly Free helps you shield your loved ones from toxic chemicals and arms you with the cleaning supertools you need to make your home ultra clean.

Our water-free, minimal packaging helps you reduce your carbon footprint and maintain a spotless home.

And with our carefully curated non-toxic formulations, you can relax knowing you're using the safest, most effective, and powerful cleaning products on the planet.

The result? A brighter, safer, cleaner home for your family, courtesy of Truly Free.

How It Works

How Your Truly Free Membership Works

Over 6 years ago, Truly Free was the first company to revolutionize the cleaning industry with safe, non-toxic products delivered in refillable & sustainable packaging. Now we're doing it again with Free Soap for Life.

Build Your Box

First shipments automatically include bottles, jugs, and cleaning solutions, so you'll only need to auto-ship refills after that!

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Step 1:

Build Your Box

Add your favorite items to your box.

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Step 2:

Set Your Frequency

Select 15, 30, 45 or 60 days for your shipping frequency.

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Step 3:

Save Your Bottle & Jugs

You'll receive starter item in your first box. Your future orders will only have refills.

Your Membership Also Includes:

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Full Control
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Free Home Delivery
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Hugh Savings
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Saving the Planet

Product Guide

Learn How To Use All of Your Truly Free Products.

Cleaning Tips & Tricks for removing tough stains to detoxify your clothes!

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Test First!

When cleaning a new materials (fabric, carpet, wood, etc), it's always best to test in a hidden area