Dish Towel
Dish Towel
Dish Towel
Dish Towel
Dish Towel
Dish Towel
Dish Towel
Dish Towel
Dish Towel

Dish Towel

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100% Organic Cotton Dish Towel

The Truly Free 100% Cotton Kitchen Towel is your new handy-dandy sidekick for soaking up spills, drying dishes in a flash, and saving money on paper towels. 

Instead of struggling with cheap, artificial, or polyester towels that just push water around, your Truly Free Kitchen Towel is free of dyes and artificial materials, resulting in a 100% cotton towel that lasts long, soaks up liquids, and gets dishes dry quickly and easily. 

Thick and durable, this towel will withstand the test of time. Just toss it in the washer in cold water and tumble dry low for a brand-new, freshly fluffed towel you can use over and over.

Whats in it

100% Organic Cotton

Whats not in it

Synthetic fibers or artificial materials

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