Bara Courage Blend 01
Bara Courage Blend 01
Bara Courage Blend 01
Bara Courage Blend 01
Bara Courage Blend 01

Bara Courage Blend 01

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Use on: Add 5-10 drops into any of your Truly Free cleaners or add to your essential oil diffuser.

Whats in it

100% Pure Essential Oils of Fir*, Spruce*, Lavandin*, Ho Wood*, Frankincense*, Blue Tansy*, and LOTS OF LOVE!

*Certified Organic

Whats not in it

Fragrance Oils, Perfumes, Fillers, Synthetic Chemicals, Carriers, Emulsifiers…

Confidence and Courage in a Bottle!

Diffuse Blend 01 on the days when you need a little extra grounding and assurance that You Are Loved and You Can Accomplish Your Hearts Desires!

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