OK, so by this point you've probably got some questions. Here are the most common ones we get:

We have created a full replacement for every toxic product on the market. Say goodbye to Detergents, Softeners, Bleach, Stain Sprays and more forever. Here’s a simple key:

Detergent = Wash
Softener = Final Rinse
Laundry Booster = Enzyme Stain Remover
Stain Spray = Stain Stick
Dryer Sheets = Dryer Angels
Bleach/Oxycleaners = OxyBoost

Our Wash is the best Detergent alternative ever made. We have cracked the code of getting plant based ingredients to smell better and remove stains more effectively than the toxic goo our grandparents used.

Final Rinse is a Fabric Softener alternative that performs better than conventional softeners without the chemical buildup. It gently lowers the Ph of the rinse water to leave your clothes soft and supple with a wonderful fresh smell of essential oils.

You betcha! Our Stain Stick is our secret weapon. It cuts through so many stains like, butter, berries, pasta sauce, salad dressing, mustard, grass, jelly, wine, and the list goes on and on!

Heck yea! Our eco-chemistry geeks have broken the mold (no pun intended) of laundry logic. All of our products work great in all water temperatures and because they are clean rinsing will keep your expensive HE washer in tip top shape. Plus your HE washer will never get that smelly funk again.

No doubt. You can easily cancel or pause your membership at anytime by calling us or using your membership portal. There are NO FEES for joining or cancelling.

The cleanest clothes ever, more money in your wallet, the fragrance of essential oils wafting through the house, and more time for impressing friends with your small batch kombucha.

Oh Yea! You can use the Laundry Wash & Enzyme Stain Remover in carpet cleaners and dilute in a spray bottle to spot clean the couch. Our OxyBoost has over 100 uses around the house to clean and brighten almost anything with the power of oxygen!

Never once, never will! All of our products are cruelty-free and vegan.

This is one of the perks of joining the family today. You see, most of the cost for us and the “toxic” guys, is in the packaging and the shipping. Since you only get a jug once and we don’t ship water, we can save a ton of $$ and pass the savings right on to you.

If you have any additional questions about our Truly Free, don’t be shy.

Contact us today and our amazing team will get all your questions answered.

Join The Family, Reap The Benefits…

Over 300,000 families have joined the Truly Free revolution since 2015 and said goodbye to dangerous toxic chemicals & single use plastics. You deserve family-safe products that actually work… So get started today, unlock your Free Soap For Life, and join the movement that goes FAR beyond cleaning!